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How Chatbots Can Help Enhance HR Services

Regardless of if you believe they are pesky or helpful, virtually everyone has become accustomed to the presence of chatbots when they visit a website. These are those conversational artificial intelligence programs that use text or voice to simulate how a human would answer a question or provide assistance or advice. However, very soon, job applicants and employees may become equally familiar with the use of this technology. After all, chatbots have many applications in the HR realm. There are some companies that have already started to use technology to enhance their HR services, create more and better personalized experiences for their job candidates and employees while increasing productivity.

Talent Acquisition

This is one area where using AI has become widespread and popular in the past few years. Since recruiters have only a set amount of tie to spend monitoring a careers site and responding to queries from applicants, chatbots are now being used for initial screenings, to schedule interviews, and to answer any FAQs that a candidate may have. All of the things being handled by chatbots means that the recruiters can devote their time to much more sophisticated and higher value work, including sourcing the more important roles or negotiating an offer with a new candidate who is not yet confirmed. Along with providing guidance for new employees during the onboarding process, a chatbot can also be used for HR self-service centers. This allows businesses to automate specific high-volume tasks, like changing personal information or updating a person’s benefits information. However, according to experts in the HR realm, there are many other possible uses for this technology in the near future. Before chatbots, an employee who had a question about how to do something would turn to their colleague for the answer. However, down the road, they will be asking a conversational agent (chatbot) and artificial intelligence will provide the answer.

Tips for Implementing Chatbots into Your HR Practices

A quality chatbot is going to help a user feel like they are talking to a person, not a computer. When the conversational agent is functioning the right way, the discussion feels as though they are having a traditional exchange with another person. To get this result in your business, you have to ensure the chatbots are trained with the data and algorithm that is being regularly monitored and audited to help guide against things like bias and the bots should be programmed to learn about the individual users for enhancing personalization. Some of the bots that aren’t as sophisticated will have to send some of the more challenging or complex questions they receive to a “co-pilot” which is a human that can read and/or respond to their query. Modern bots are working as a conversational interface for the database, which amount to little more than a human face that is put on a Google search. While this is true, the technology is improving daily, which means the possibilities for chatbots in HR are endless.2020-02-11 18:02:40