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Background Check are an essential part of the HR Screening Process

Before the Offer: 5 Things HR Checks Before Hiring You

Congratulations! You’ve landed a job interview at your dream company. It means your skills and experience have caught the attention of recruiters, and they want to know more about you. However, the interview alone won’t get you hired. Before making an offer, HR departments conduct several checks to ensure candidates are the best fit for the job. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five things HR checks before hiring you. Keep reading to ensure you nail every step of the hiring process!

Background Checks

Background checks are standard checks carried out by HR to verify information provided by applicants. These checks include criminal history, credit score, employment verification, and education verification. Generally, employers only look for information relevant to the role being applied for. Therefore, it is crucial to be honest in your application, as anything that comes out during the screening process may raise concerns about your integrity and negatively impact your chances of getting the job.

Social Media Presence

HR departments often conduct social media checks on candidates to assess their online presence. Ensure your online presence aligns with the company’s values and the role being applied for. Avoid sharing content that could be viewed as inappropriate, as it may negatively impact your job prospects. Also, be mindful of the people you are connected with and their content, as the actions of your network may reflect poorly on your judgment.

References Checks

Employers often request professional references to validate skills and experience. Ensure you provide up-to-date reference contacts before the interview. It is also essential to have a good relationship with your references, as they will be contacted during the screening process. Finally, make sure they are aware of the role you are applying for and have given their consent to be contacted.

Drug Testing

Drug testing is a standard practice in some companies, especially those in the transportation and healthcare industries. If required, ensure you have abstained from using drugs or any medication that could show up during a drug test. If you’re taking any prescription medications, be aware that they may show up and provide supporting documentation from your physician.

Proficiency Assessments

Assessments are tests conducted to evaluate an applicant’s skills and abilities in the fields relevant to the job. These tests can include anything from math skills to software skills. Ensure you are aware of the skills and abilities required for the role and have practised relevant skills before attending the interview.


Before making a job offer, employers take several steps to ensure a candidate is a good fit for the role being applied for. To make the application process smoother, ensure you provide honest and up-to-date information in your application, are mindful of your online presence, have good relationships with your references, and prepare for proficiency assessments relevant to the role. By following these tips, you’ll be better positioned to land your dream job!

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