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Effective Methods of Minimizing Workplace Conflict

Effective Methods of Minimizing Workplace Conflict

Effective Methods of Minimizing Workplace Conflict

Whenever a group of people works together, conflicts are inevitable. Even with individuals that are working toward the same goal, personality differences do eventually lead to disagreements. AtTask’s research revealed that nearly 80% of working American adults experience workplace conflict at some point, resulting in lost productivity. Tensions in the workplace create an uncomfortable environment for employees and affect turnover rates. The sooner managers deal with it, the better. In this blog, we share a few effective methods businesses can employ to reduce workplace conflict.

Set Clear Organizational Priorities and Goals

The fundamental reason why conflicts occur is due to differences over values, goals, facts, and methods. By keeping your team on the same page regarding priorities, plans, and objectives, you’ll greatly reduce chances of conflicts from occurring.

Create Strong Communication Channels

Strong communication channels can be established by implementing routine problem-solving meetings and utilizing a range of effective communication tools. Examples include online meetings, live discussions, voice mails, e-mails, and video conferences.

Act Wisely

Whenever conflict arises, it’s important for the management to step back and assess the situation. Every employee should have an equal opportunity to present their side of the argument. Managers should refrain from taking sides Minimizing Workplace Conflict and not pass hasty judgments as this can lead to embarrassment and create feelings of isolation. When resolving any issues, managers should make it a collaborative process that incorporates constructive feedback in order to come up with lasting solutions.  After the conflict has been resolved, management should work toward improving employee morale and reducing further conflict.

Act Quickly

Conflicts and tensions create uncomfortable and awkward situations and its negative effects can rapidly spread throughout the workplace. This can affect employees who are otherwise uninvolved. The key to preventing this from happening is to act quickly and not allow feelings of discontent to fester. At the end of the day, conflict is unavoidable and is an expected occurrence. If the leadership remains calm and deals with the situation in a professional manner, the situation can be turned into a positive learning experience. By taking out the time to listen and resolve employee grievances, the management promotes and demonstrates a culture of trust and openness.

Incorporate Team-Building Activities

Team development activities such as sports and work-trips help to dissipate feelings of unease and frustration. It allows employees to develop relationships and modes of interaction beyond the realm of work. At times, this proves effective in uncovering underlying problems behind conflicts. \"Incorporate Disagreements within the workplace can either be viewed as hindrances or opportunities for increasing productivity. Sometimes conflicts can turn ugly and prove difficult to control. This is where we come in. Our HR consultancy services in Minneapolis help businesses reduce workplace conflicts and increase overall employee productivity. Contact us today for more information.2019-01-29 11:49:36