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Future Obstacles for Human Resources

It’s no secret that it can be challenging to start a business. You might have trouble obtaining rights to intellectual property, finding the right real estate, or even figuring out which demographic you plan on targeting. Of course, this also means that HR can be challenging since human resources are all about recruiting and training the right employees, as well as ensuring productivity and cutting costs. However, the sector will certainly face some unique challenges going forward. Of course, the entire world is changing due to emerging technological trends – so the entire concept of “work” will be changing, as well. Here are some of the issues that human resources will have to tackle over the next several decades. Cybersecurity One of the reasons that many tech companies are able to continue profiting is due to their intellectual property. However, if a corporation or organization keeps suffering data breaches, this can remain a huge obstacle to their progress. The possibilities are more grim when one considers that defense companies are often hacked by foreign governments, as well. Cybersecurity will remain a huge issue, as a “cyber war” is already underway between the United States and China. When you consider that these are two of the most powerful economies in the world; it is easy to see how an actual war has global implications. Either way, although it might not be covered in mainstream media – there is a reason why more law enforcement agencies are focusing on the Internet than ever before. Addressing Drug Use There are many people that are able to balance work and their personal life in a meaningful way, but there are others that might turn to drugs and alcohol due to certain events that may have happened in their life. In fact, even the FBI found it difficult to find hackers that did not use marijuana in order to aid them in various cyber investigations. When you also consider the growing opioid crisis, the truth is that drug use has to be addressed in some form or fashion. Even if your star employee is using drugs, you might have to consider setting the tone with your company culture by drug testing. Of course, there are laws regarding drug testing in the workplace that vary in different countries – but addressing the issue might save you a tremendous amount of money in the long-term future. Automation There are plenty of individuals that are concerned about automation, and the fact that it might render many human employees obsolete over the next several decades. In fact, it is estimated that tens of millions of workers will lose their jobs eventually. Since so much of human resources is about understanding employees, their desires, and maintaining stability – so it might be a while before artificial intelligence can truly disrupt human resources. Regardless, automation might be used more than ever for recruiting and hiring new employees.2019-08-01 15:53:15