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Let the Fun Begin! Office Games and Activities That Make Work Fun

Office Games and Activities… It goes without saying that your employees are your greatest assets. Not only do they represent your company, but they define its culture as well. But a monotonous work routine can wear down even the best employees after some time. It’s one of the reasons productivity suffers and becomes unstable. A lot of employers have a misconception that good working hours and high pay is the driving force that keeps employees motivated. That’s only half true. If you want to increase productivity and boost employee morale, introducing games and activities in the workplace is a great way to energize your team. Here are a few workplace activities and games that can make work fun again:

Mix and Mingle

A lot of companies are starting to adopt a program called “Mix and Mingle.” Every month, employees from different departments have lunch together and get to know each other. Employees are selected based on their performance. This helps improve company culture and even helps employees working in the company get to know one another.

Company Ted Talks

You can encourage your team to give a Ted Talk every month and then have a discussion about the topic chosen after the presentation. This will help your team discuss workplace issues openly, brainstorm ideas, and even get to learn more about each other. \"teambuilding It’s a teambuilding activity, and will also make work productive and fun. Moreover, new employees will also get a chance to learn more about the dynamics of your team, and it will encourage them to participate as well.

Nerf War

A Nerf war is the perfect way to blow off steam after a tough day. This will allow your employees to relieve stress. When employees have an outlet, they’re less likely to burn out.


Charades is the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work and encourage your team to interact with each other. It’s a great teambuilding activity that will help your employees connect with one another. It will also help break the ice for new employees. It will help them settle in and get to know others in the workplace. These are just a few fun activities that can help you create a more productive workplace. If you’re looking for an HR consultancy firm that can help you create a happy and healthy work environment, you’ve come to the right place! We are a leading HR consultancy firm that offers comprehensive solutions to companies across Minneapolis. If you’re looking to hire a part-time HR firm, feel free to get in touch with us!2019-07-16 13:30:51