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4 Things Employees Want Out of Performance Review

4 Things Employees Want Out of Performance Reviews

An overwhelming number of employees think that performance reviews are useless. This is because most managers don’t know how to handle them correctly and also because employees don’t get what they want from them. Check out these 4 things employees want out of their performance reviews:

1. Constructive Criticism

Not all managers are great at giving feedback. Some use performance reviews as an excuse to be overcritical of employees while others get so uncomfortable with giving negative feedback that they choose to only focus on praise. The problem with only praising employees and avoiding criticism gives them false hope. When it comes time for raises and bonuses, they will be disheartened when they’re paid less than they expected. Believe it or not but employees aren’t looking for praise; most employees are aware of their shortcomings and where they need to improve. Instead of just focusing on the negative or the positive, give your employees constructive criticism. Let them know what they’re doing wrong and how they can improve.

2. Have Clear Expectations

\"Have If your employees walk out of performance reviews feeling like they’re a waste of time then you probably haven’t given them anything to work toward. Performance reviews are supposed to outline clear expectations for employees so they know how they’re going to be judged in the future. As you discuss their past performance, you should point out the good and the bad. You can then work with them to set goals for the future.

3. Show Them The Bigger Picture

Employees need a sense of purpose out of their jobs. Many employees get so caught up in their daily duties that they often don’t see how they’re contributing the organization’s bigger vision. Use performance reviews as an opportunity to tell employees that they are integral cogs of a big machine. Show them the bigger picture and let them know how significant their contributions are.

4. Look Into The Future

Employees want to know where the company is headed but they are even more interested in knowing what the company can do for them in the future. Are they expecting some kind of growth? Will they be given more responsibilities soon? These are things employees want clarity on during their performance reviews. If you’re unsure about how to carry out performance reviews, consider using our human resource services. We offer comprehensive human resource services for companies in Minneapolis. Our services include carrying out performance management, designing of employee handbooks, recruitment and management of employee benefits. Contact us to learn more about our services.2019-04-12 11:28:47