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keep your business compliant with Minnesota’s Upcoming new marijuana laws

Avoid costly mistakes & comply with Minnesota’s upcoming marijuana laws

Preparing Your Business for Legalized Marijuana in Minnesota

On August 1st, Minnesota officially legalized the use of recreational marijuana. The new legislation in Minnesota creates both opportunities and challenges for businesses. Employers need to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Are you prepared for the legalization of marijuana? Read on to learn what you can do.

Review Your Drug and Alcohol Policies

To prepare your business for marijuana legalization, review and update your drug and alcohol policies. Clearly outline expectations for substance use and impairment in the workplace. Re-evaluate policies to align with Minnesota’s changing legal landscape.

Train Your Employees

Once you have updated your policies, the next step is to educate your employees about the changes in the law and your updated policies. Your employees need to understand that while marijuana may be legal in the state, it is not legal or acceptable to be under the influence while on the job. Provide training to your employees to ensure they understand what is expected of them and what the consequences of non-compliance may be.

Implement Workplace Testing Programs

To address concerns regarding marijuana use and workplace safety/productivity, consider implementing workplace testing programs. Such tests can identify impaired employees and enable timely intervention to prevent safety issues. However, ensure compliance with state laws and conduct tests respectfully and without discrimination.

Consider Reasonable Accommodations for Medical Marijuana Use

Reational marijuana is now legal in Minnesota, but the state has had a medical marijuana program since 2014. As an employer, it’s important to recognize that some employees may use medical marijuana for health reasons. You may need to offer reasonable accommodations, like adjusting hours or work arrangements, so they can manage their health while fulfilling their job duties.

Seek Legal and HR Advice

Seek legal and HR advice to navigate the complex legal landscape regarding marijuana legalization. A qualified HR consultant or employment law attorney can ensure compliance with state and federal laws, while helping you manage risks and challenges posed by legal marijuana use.


Legalized marijuana presents both opportunities and challenges for Minnesota businesses. To prepare for the legalization of marijuana in Minnesota, employers can take steps such as updating policies, training employees, implementing testing programs, and seeking legal and HR advice. Stay ahead in a rapidly changing legal landscape.  Contact HR Business Partners a Minneapolis, MN-based HR Consulting firm specializing in HR Outsourcing services today to discuss your individual HR needs. Recommended Reading:  Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know® 2nd Edition