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Emails You Should Never Send from Your Business Account

Emails You Should Never Send from Your Business Account

Here are a few examples of emails you should never send. These are emails you don’t want anyone to see because they could damage your business reputation. So, if you’re about to send any of the following emails to someone who can’t afford to lose their job, take a moment and reconsider. If you send an email from your business account, you don’t want to make a mistake. We all know that email is the most powerful tool in business. Unfortunately, many people think that using your business account for personal correspondence is a good idea.

If you’re sending personal emails from your business email address, you might be putting your brand reputation at risk. The same thing happened with Mark Schlissel who used his business account to sexually harass his school employee and put his reputation at risk. Therefore, we suggest you to keep your personal matters away from your business account and they shouldn’t be discussed over there. Let’s look at some of the worst email mistakes you could be making with your business account. Here are the 3 Emails You Should Never Send from Your Business Account:

The Rant and for Personal Use

If you’re in a bad mood, you might want to send a text message or an email that won’t make you look good in the long run. The Rant is a great way to express your feelings without sending a nasty message. The Rant is a great way to vent your frustrations without having to send an actual email or text message, but you should not send it through your business account. It will negatively affect your business account.

Bad News

You need to deliver bad news, but it’s not your job to listen to the other person’s feelings first? That’s okay because this bad news will let you deliver bad news without feeling guilty or awkward. And it’ll make you look like the bad news kind of guy/gal. Sometimes you need to share some bad news through your business account but you can make sure they don’t get worse. On the other hand, you can use our affordable flat-rate HR services for Small Business to manage all issues whether it comes to Setting up an HR Department, Employee Handbook and Policies, Employee Performance Management, and more.

Marketing Spam

Marketing spam is annoying. It’s also illegal. We’re pretty sure you know by now that marketing spam is a thing, but just in case of any email that you don’t want to receive. You want to keep your Inbox clean, so stop sending unwanted marketing emails. And you don’t need to pay for a spam filter. You’re a business person so you have to receive and send marketing emails. But stay alert about your marketing spam emails that cause harm to your business account.


Your business account contains critical security safeguards that make it less likely that an angry email would reach the intended recipient. In your account, you can select to send emails to the Sent folder rather than the Inbox. You can also utilize the BCC box to hide recipients’ email addresses. To send an email from your business account, you must use a secure password. It indicates your receiver must first provide a password for your business account before opening the email.