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Planning A Return To Normal

Planning A Return To Normal…Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine is here, and most companies are looking to get back to total productivity. The only issue here is how we transition and return to normal. Here is how;

Maintaining The Required Workforce Capacity 

It is with doubt that the coronavirus brings some operational challenges that we must accept as the new normal. One of these is ensuring you have the labor force to get the business back on its feet. For small businesses with no defined HR department, this might be a challenge. We recommend that you seek part-time small business HR services to help you fix your workplace.

Staff may be unable to resume duty because of health concerns or having caring responsibility to a close family member. Other employers also had to lay off employees to keep the business afloat, and now they do not want to come back. These plus other issues could bring a severe capacity constraint and force you to rethink your strategies.

Protecting Employees Health 

Before allowing your employees back to the premises, you may have to subject them to routine temperature and antibody tests. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are encouraging this. Large corporations like Starbucks and Amazon are already doing it and may slowly become part of the new normal.

There is also a possibility of issuing immunity certificates to those immune to covid-19 before allowing them back. The UK is already doing this with a program known as the Immunity Passport Program. It involves conducting an immunity test on employees to confirm they have immunity. If they pass the test, then you issue them with the certificate before allowing them to get back to work.

Balancing Working From Home With Working In An Office

With the coronavirus forcing many countries into total lockdown, remote working became the new normal. It might have worked for some. But for some others, it was just a mere strategy to keep the business afloat. Planning A Return To Normal Now that we have the vaccines with us, it is time to get back to total productivity.

As Human resources, you must find a strategy that works as soon as you can. For example, you could outsource to a part-time HR department to help you put everything in place.

Reversing work from home may take two ways, voluntary or mandatory shifts. If you go for the latter, it would be best to adopt flexible weekly working schedules before having everybody as things were.

Invest In Technology

We have the vaccine, but certain things like social distancing and remote working are still here for the foreseeable future. We are talking about cutting down the number that can work in an office at a particular time. You don’t have the same labor force capacity, but you can supplement this with technology Planning A Return To Normal.

Investing in the right technology may also mean that some departments like call centers do not have to report to the office. Just invest in better laptops, phones, headsets, and the internet equipping them to work from home. Also, invest in webinars and other chat platforms to bridge the gap between your workers.

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