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Remote Workers are here to stay. How will this affect the HR function in a company?

Remote Workers are Here to Stay

Although remote work has proved beneficial in ensuring business continuity and resilience during the pandemic, it\’s more likely to stay even after the pandemic has ended. A Survey of companies conducted in April of 2020 revealed that before the pandemic, 76% of businesses employing less than 10 percent of their full-time workers worked at home for at least three days each week. However, 83% of companies believe that once the pandemic is over, full-time employees will be able to work from home at least three times every week. It could be partly because the employee\’s productivity has remained similar or improved when working remotely. In the absence of a long commute, meetings that drag on over, or the quick chats in the breakroom that take longer than they need to workers and employers have discovered that working remotely could boost productivity.

What is the Role of the human resources (HR) Department?

An HR department is responsible for maximizing employees\’ productivity and safeguarding the business from any problems in employees. HR\’s responsibilities include:

  • Administering benefits and compensation
  • Hiring and firing
  • Keep up-to-date on any laws that might impact the company or its employees

A complete HR department is effective when you are a growing organization and have hundreds of employees to execute work.

What is HR outsourcing, and how can it be helpful for small businesses?

HR Outsourcing for Small Business can be described as outsourcing HR functions to an external third-party service provider, a team of remote workers, or an HR services professional. These providers tend to be specialists in HR and can include generalist HR services up to consultants that concentrate on specific areas within HR. An organization can use HRO to manage all of its HR functions. Alternatively, it can outsource HR in part by having specialists handle certain areas, such as hiring or payroll. There are numerous ways that outsourcing HR can help small companies, including providing advice on the day-to-day HR duties, including employment laws, safety, and health rules, maintaining employee records, and carrying out administrative tasks.

Some Advantages of HR outsourcing

If you decide to outsource HR functions, your company could profit in the following ways:

  • Greater flexibility: You may change the services you require at any time
  • Access to experts: You can engage experts in certain HR areas when you require them instead of relying on a single person to know everything
  • Save Money: Reducing expenditure and paying only for support in the forms of HR that are vital for your company
  • Enhance processes: By eliminating unnecessary procedures and improving the way your business operates
  • More time for strategy and management: Outsourcing allows resources to be used to make strategic and leadership decisions regardless of the time of senior team members or the experience of an HR department in-house (if your company has one)


Companies should consider outsourcing HR tasks to a third party if they have issues with managing HR-related tasks. There could be many reasons, including your company is growing. Maybe you lack in-house HR employees, which leads to the functions being dispersed over multiple departments. Contact us today for more information or take a look at our short explainer video