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June 6, 2023

Next-Gen Workforce: Revolutionary HR Discussions Led by TikTok

TikTok: the perfect platform for creative expression and now, a leader in the HR world. Gen Z is taking over and TikTok keeps up with their needs. As a business owner, stay up-to-date with HR trends and see how TikTok influences HR discussions for the next-gen workforce. Diversity & Inclusion TikTok offers multiple challenges that educate and raise awareness on #Diversity and #Inclusion, providing users with an opportunity to explore biases, stereotypes, experiences, and diverse perspectives. Through these challenges, people represent and foster healthy discussions, honoring the cultures and backgrounds they come from. Company Culture Culture can make or break a workplace, and younger workers desire a robust and engaged company culture. TikTok once again comes to the rescue, with the creation of challenges like #WorkplaceCulture and #CompanyCulture. These engaging […]