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4-day Workweek

The Evolution of the 4-day Workweek in the US

The trend toward shorter working hours has gained popularity among the American workforce, with many opting for a 4-day work week. This shift has been driven by a variety of factors, including improved employee morale, increased work efficiency, and a departure from long traditional schedules.

First Trial

In 2019, Microsoft Japan conducted a notable trial of the 4-day work week in America. The experiment was successful, with the team reporting a 40% increase in productivity. This trend gained traction in the United States in 2020, with well-known companies such as Amazon and Google introducing their own versions of the 4-day working week for their employees.

Tailored Versions

Companies are creating tailored versions of the 4-day schedule that suit individual roles and responsibilities. Employees can also opt for longer or shorter schedules based on their needs, allowing them more flexibility when it comes to planning their personal commitments outside of work.

Increased Awareness

An increasing awareness among employers that longer working hours do not equate to better performance is driving this trend. Studies have found that working fewer days leads to higher levels of engagement and output quality, as employees can focus on tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

Improved Focus

Employees have reported improved focus on specific projects, allowing them to produce higher-quality outcomes within short bursts. This focus translates into better communication between teams as information is shared more efficiently and tasks are completed more quickly than before.


Shorter shifts mean workers often have more time available for leisure activities or personal commitments, leading to an overall improved mental state from having increased control over how they spend their time outside of work. This can then translate into improved morale and motivation during workdays, as employees feel like they are achieving fulfillment both on and off the job, leading to an overall increase in productivity and quality of outcomes delivered on projects.

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