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Applicant Tracking Software

The Importance of Applicant Tracking Software for Your Growing Business

Are you having trouble managing your company’s applicant data? If your company is growing, you need to optimize your hiring process. In such cases, adopting a recruitment solution like applicant tracking software is a must-have. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is applicant tracking software?

An applicant tracking software (ATS) is a web-based recruitment solution for streamlining the hiring process of a business. It organizes profiles, posts jobs across multiple channels, tracks applicants, and creates customized questionnaires. This software also automates the screening process depending on set standards.

Why do you need applicant tracking software?

In the business world, time is money. Without applicant tracking software, you’ll be wasting your time on clerical duties when you could be focusing on growing your business. Instead, you will have to search for applicants on job boards, read and file resumes, and match qualified candidates with suitable jobs. This is an outdated technique and no longer applies. But with the help of the latest technological advancements like ApplicantPro applicant tracking software, your recruitment process will be easier and more fruitful.

How can ApplicantPro help your growing business?

Push job listings to job boards in one click

You no longer need to do the tedious task of posting job listings on job boards manually. ApplicantPro provides one place to write your job listings and push them to the job boards in one click. Moreover, you can advertise job openings through social media channels.

The ApplicantPro team can optimize the job ads so job aggregators and job seekers can find your postings. Your employees can also use the employee referral portal in ApplicantPro to check for hiring incentives and get the word out about open job positions in your company.

Create job opportunities with mobile-optimized sites
68% of job seekers use mobile devices to hunt for jobs. ApplicantPro will give you a super-functional mobile-optimized site plus a career site. Candidates can check open job positions and apply for them via online applications. This makes it easy to search for applicants’ information in one place.

Automate the screening process With ApplicantPro, the screening process is much easier and time-saving. You can customize job questions and auto disqualifies applications. Also, it’s easy to include video interviews and take applicants’ work values and pre-employment skills tests.

Identify the best candidates ApplicantPro offers your managers unlimited logins to collaborate, view, review, and rate applicant pools. Additionally, you can track candidates with disposition codes and compare them with established benchmarks to identify the best job applicants.

Check candidates background After the selection process, ApplicantPro can help you send in-system offer letters, manage online hire paperwork, and can Verify a candidate’s background. You’ll also get automated tax credits.

Data at your fingertips
: ApplicantPro helps streamline the hiring process with analytical reports that track visitors, source traffic, application abandon rates, and filling time. Get EEO and OFCCP reports and applicant logs in just a few clicks. Simplify candidate communication with automated job alerts and offer, rejection, and confirmation emails.

Summing Up
: applicant tracking software can help you eliminate the difficulties of a manual recruitment process. To streamline your hiring process, software like ApplicantPro can automate the hiring, screening, and communication process. It helps create mobile-optimized job opportunities, and you can push all job listings on job boards in just one click.  ApplicantPro can assist you in identifying the best suitable candidates that match your job listings and track applicants’ backgrounds. Furthermore, you’ll also receive reports.

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