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How to Overcome the Top Recruitment Challenges in 2019

How to Overcome the Top Recruitment Challenges in 2019

Each New Year brings with it a fresh set of recruitment challenges, and 2019 is no different. From the incorporation of AI and Machine Learning to redundant hiring technologies, responding to new challenges requires a fresh and innovative approach.

In this blog, we’ll list a few recruitment challenges of 2019 and how to overcome them.

Attracting and Engaging the Best Candidates

You must be wondering, how can the oldest recruitment problem be a new challenge? Well, while the problems in attracting top talent are as old as the recruitment process itself, it’s the tools and strategies recruiters utilize that are in need of an upgrade.

Traditional hiring methods are proving to be useless. Why? Because according to research published by the MRINetwork, we’re currently living in an employee-driven era, which is to say that companies no longer pick top talent; instead, top talent picks you.

With so many companies vying over a limited pool of skilled candidates, standing out from competition is difficult. You’ll need to refine your persuading skills if you wish to stand a chance at hiring the right employees.

Before you attempt to contact suitable candidates, research what makes them happy and motivated in their jobs. Once you’ve gathered that information, craft personalized sourcing emails to convince them how you are a better employer than other businesses within the industry.

Improving the Recruitment Process

One way companies are enhancing the recruitment process is by relying on recruitment metrics and data to make informed decisions. However, processing and collecting data can prove to be a tedious and resource-intensive process. Hiring teams need to come up with efficient and streamlined ways of compiling and organizing data.

An effective way of tackling this problem is by storing and exporting data using Google Analytics or recruitment marketing software. Let the top management sit and decide on a few metrics that are best suited for your operations.

Building a Strong Brand

A well-reputed brand always stands a better chance of attracting the best talent. According to Glassdoor, organizations that spend on employer branding strategies are three times more likely to hire top talent. But building a strong brand isn’t easy – it includes promoting your culture on popular social media platforms and implementing a positive candidate experience.

You can start off by replying to online reviews in a courteous and professional manner. Give your workers the right to freely express themselves and be a good employer overall.

In addition to these steps, incorporating AI and Machine Learning provides valuable insights into the recruitment process. HRBP Online provides HR Consulting services for small businesses seeking to implement effective recruitment strategies. Contact us today for more information.