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Competing Demands of Home and Office

  We are experiencing a workforce transformation with more employees wanting to work remotely.  According to CBS News Poll, 60% of Americans want to work from home part of the time. But even that, there are jobs that need on-site personnel. It brings us to a conflict of interest, pushing most of us to a default system, hybrid work environment. This article talks about using a hybrid workforce to manage the competing demand of home and office. Create A Roadmap and Set Objectives A hybrid work environment may force you to restructure your processes to maintain productivity. As a manager, you need an accurate plan to configure your team to understand who is working when and where. When you have the road map, create expectations. It makes everyone understand what the organization

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How to Increase Your Online Recruiting By Using HR Business Partners

Many businesses rely on high-quality services from / to help their companies stay ahead and to reach the kinds of HR Business Partners services that can help their companies reach new potential clients. Besides being a firm HR Business Partners with a more traditional talent acquisition firm, our firm can offer services like providing a policy handbook for employees, helping set up an HR department, outsourcing services, and educating employees regarding their benefits to ensure employee retention in small businesses. Minneapolis may seem like a small place, but we do everything it takes to ensure our clients get the best possible clients. We do this by recruiting executive-level employees in leadership roles, skilled professionals, and industry-specific graduates and run background checks on candidates before recommending them to you. Finding these kinds of employees

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What Employers Need to Know About Marijuana in the Workplace

As the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes picks up speed across numerous states, employers must understand the legal and relevant developments. Furthermore, organizations must also take into consideration the drug’s effects on employees’ ability to function, drive, and work. In this blog, we’ll list a number of vital considerations employers need to know regarding the use of marijuana in the workplace. Legal Issues Linked with Marijuana Under federal law, all use of marijuana is still illegal. It is classified as a Schedule I drug according to the Controlled Substances Act, which basically means that it’s recognized for its high potential for abuse and no real medical value. Many activists have lobbied for the rescheduling of the drug but there aren’t enough massive-scale clinical trials to prove that the

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Timing it Right—When Should You Set Up Your HR Department?

There’s no denying the importance of an HR department and the role it plays in the growth of a company. But with startups often struggling for funds in their initial years and scrambling through the hustle to get their priorities right, creating an HR department may not always be on the top of their to-do list. That’s very understandable…and rational actually. The question, however, is how long can they afford to delay the inevitable? Having an HR department is a necessity and no business can survive without it. And while entrepreneurs can juggle with HR responsibilities as a makeshift solution in the short term, relying on this approach beyond a certain point can prove to be detrimental for their business operations. It’s, therefore, vital for startup owners to have an

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Small Business Management and HR Department: Why You Need It

Having an HR department can seem unnecessary when you have a small team to manage, but it shouldn’t. Consider the HR responsibilities for a moment. There’s payroll to do; policies to plan; compliance to maintain; employee conflicts to resolve; recruiting to look after; training programs to organize and what not. All this requires time and effort. Sure, you can have your team members on rotation, who can fill up, get a task done, and sort everything out conveniently, but that leaves too many holes to ignore. Then, there are certain areas of HR where you need a qualified and skilled HR professional to take over. Overlooking these details costs small business owners a lot. According to Bloomberg, small business owners pay up more than $4.5 billion per year in IRS

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