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Healthy Work Habits Every Workplace Should Encourage

It goes without saying that a large portion of our lives is spent working. A large part of our lives revolves around our profession. But often times we’re so focused on our work that we forget to take care of ourselves. And before we know it, we burn out or fall sick. As a manager, you’re not just responsible for creating a safe working environment for your team. You’re also a role model for your employees. Your team looks up to you for guidance. And creating a better work environment involves encouraging healthy habits in the office. With that in mind, here’s how you can encourage healthy habits in your employees: Encourage Employees to Take a Break This doesn’t mean you should encourage them to take an hour-long break every

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Effective Methods of Minimizing Workplace Conflict

Whenever a group of people work together, conflicts are inevitable. Even with individuals that are working toward the same goal, personality differences do eventually lead to disagreements. AtTask’s research revealed that nearly 80% of working American adults experience workplace conflict at some point, resulting in lost productivity. Tensions in the workplace create an uncomfortable environment for employees and affect the turnover rates. The sooner managers deal with it, the better. In this blog, we share a few effective methods businesses can employ to reduce workplace conflict. Set Clear Organizational Priorities and Goals The fundamental reason why conflicts occur is due to differences over values, goals, facts, and methods. By keeping your team on the same page regarding priorities, plans, and objectives, you’ll greatly reduce chances of conflicts from occurring. Create Strong Communication Channels

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Employee Handbook

Creating an Employee Handbook: What HR Policies to Include

All companies should have a handbook to outline organizational policies and provide staff members answers to common questions. From an organization’s perspective, having a handbook prevents conflict and other problems from arising. Any conflict between staff members is resolved using the policies of the handbook. In addition to managing internal conflicts within the company, employee handbooks also provide legal protection. So what does the employee handbook contain? Let’s take a closer look: The Purpose Employee handbooks should begin by stating the purpose of the document. It should ask employees to familiarize themselves with all the policies and procedures listed in the handbook. Any queries that aren’t covered in the handbook should be taken to the line manager or HR personnel. Company Description, History, And Culture To get all employees on the

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